TV was meant to be
watched this way.

When you stream, you can save
money and watch what you love,
including live TV. Getting
started is easy —here’s how to do it.

. Start with truly fast Eyxn Internet

. Connect your TV

. Choose your services

Add it to your Eyxn internet plan for ₹350/month*

Here’s how to do it.

Start with truly fast
Eyxn Internet.

Go faster for the best experience.
One of the perks of having gigabit
Eyxn Internet in your home is that you
can stream in 4K Ultra HD without any
buffering or interruptions. That means
no waiting to watch your favorite shows

Connect your TV
to the Internet.

You just need a device like a Chromecast, Roku player, Apple TV,
Amazon Fire TV or Eyxn's Set-top box. Not every TV will need a
device to connect to the Internet. Smart TVs make streaming
easy because they’re already connected to the Internet.
You can also watch on a tablet,
mobile device, or computer.

Choose your services, and
watch what you love.

There’s a lot to watch, so pick what
works best for you based on your
TV-watching habits.Go on and watch
Netflix Hotstar, Amazon Prime and
YouTube TV. You can also watch the
local channels through Eyxn TV app.

Now get ready to spend some quality
time with your couch.

Get in touch
with us.

Let us help you to choose a
plan according to your needs.